Beraht is the leader of Carta in Dragon Age: Origins and the main antagonist of the Dwarf Commoner Origins.

Beraht is a merchant but secretly a leader of criminal organisation the Carta. Many casteless dwarves come to Beraht as his muscles because that's their only way to survive. The protagonist of Dwarf Commoner Origins, their sister Rica and Leske are among them.

The crimelord tasks the protagonist and Leske to find and kill Oskias because he refuses to pay him. Later he tasks them to go to combat arena and drug warrior Mainar to ensure warrior Everd could win duel. It's because Lord Vollney made an illegal bet of 100 on Everd and hired Beraht to make sure that Everd wins the match.

When the protagonist and Leske go to the arena they find Everd so drunk that he can't fight. That forces the former to impersonate him and fight instead of him. The protagonist wins over and over again but gets demasked and arrested along with Leske. Beraht orders Jarvia to rebuke them both and throw in his own prison so he could punish them for insubordination. However they escape, slay all gangsters and kill Beraht in the end, leaving the Carta leaderless temporarly.