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I am Beowulf!
~ Beowulf on Will & Amy
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 Beowulf is a parody of the legendary hero of the same name & the main antagonist of Disaster Movie. He is most likely based from his 2007 film counterpart where he fought Grendel with no armor.

Disaster Movie

Beowulf first appeared inside the museum, where he interrupted Will & Amy who were on their way to the Aztec altar of the museum to place back the Crystal Skull. Will & Amy are surprised to see him naked. Beowulf then introduces himself as the man who slew Grendel with no armor.

Will was surprised & states that he fight naked. He then states that Beowulf is gay, Beowulf in turn says that he is not gay & it is just their traditional fighting. After arguing, Beowulf then attacks them with his sword & starts fighting Will by wrestling him, thus wasting their time. Amy helps Will by picking up an axe and stabs him on the back thus killing him.

He is later seen in the I'm Dating song after Hancock, singing the line "You know you like it, and I'm dating "Kung Fu Panda".