is an alternate and evil version of Ben Tennyson.


He has a stunted appearance, resembling a zombie. He has purple eyes and a purple Omnitrix. He wears a purple straitjacket with a 10 sewed on it and pants with patches. His body is green with blotches , has little hair, a long neck, pale yellow teeth and his toes resemble an animal's.


He behaves very primitively and instead of coherent speech he only yells words like "this fun" and "Ben smash". He also head butted his Omnitrix to transform in And Then There as Ben, furthering the primitive behavior.


He first appeared in And Then There Were None, where he, along with the other evil Bens went to Good Ben's timeline to finish him. He chased him in the town as Frankenstrike however, Good Ben was saved by prime Ben and Professor Paradox. Later, in Los Soledad, he was part of the fight between every Bens as Snare-oh. At the end of the episode, just like all the other Bens, he was erased from spacetime by the Chronosapien Time Bomb.

In the next episode he was brought back into existence by Good Ben as Clockwork then was sent back to his own Dimension.

Powers and Abilities

In battle, just like every other Bens, he relies on his Omnitrix. His look can also be intimidating and gross for some people what makes them run away from him.

Aliens Used

  • Frankenstrike
  • Snare-oh


Ben 10: Omniverse

  • And Then There Were None (first appearance)
  • And Then There Was Ben



  • His name is a parody of the DC Comics villain Bizarro , an evil clone of Superman.
  • All of Benzarro's aliens are undead. For example: If he chooses Wildmutt, he will turn into a zombie Vulpimancer.