Benson is a minor villain in the novel The Land That Time Forgot.


Benson was a crewman aboard the British tugboat which rescued Bowen Tyler and Lys La Rue from the ocean after their ship was torpedoed by the U-33. Following their takeover of the German sub, Benson worked to sabotage Tyler. In the past, he'd lived in America and worked at the shipyards of Bowen's father. Bowen's father fired him for unspecified reasons and he thereafter returned to England, hating the Tyler family, and now saw his chance to get revenge against his former employer's son.

Among other things, he sabotaged the radio and the compass so that the U-33 sailed in the wrong direction. To protect himself, he claimed that the saboteur was Lys, which the others were willing to believe because she'd been Lieutenant von Schoenvorts' fiancee before the war. Lys' innocence was eventually proven when Benson was fatally shot and wounded by Lys during an attempt to help von Schoenvorts retake the sub. Before he died, he confessed to Bowen his reasons for his betrayal and died still hating the Tyler family.


Although Benson appears in the film, he isn't a traitor. His role as the saboteur aboard the submarine is taken by Dietz. Benson doesn't die aboard the sub, but gets killed by a Sto-Lu caveman while in Caprona later on.