Oh God, I just want to go home....
~ Bennett Sinclair's last words before his death at the hands of Albert Wesker

Bennett Sinclair was a Hollywood film producer who survived the Global T-Virus outbreak. He was the hidden secondary antagonist of Resident Evil: Afterlife.



Bennett is one of the many survivors, Chris Redfield, Luther West, Angel Ortiz, Kim Yong, Wendell and Crystal Waters hiding in the Citadel Correctional Facility. After the escape plan to use an armored vehicle fails due to the engine being out of it, he shoots Angel Ortiz in the head and tries to take his assistant Kim Yong with him in Alice's two-seater plane to the Arcadia, but is forced to leave him behind when the others converge on the rooftop.

Bennett crash-lands on the Arcadia, and starts working for Albert Wesker, who he aids in ambushing Alice, Chris and Claire. He holds Alice at gunpoint, preventing her from interfering in the fight between Wesker and the Redfields. However, it isn't for long, as she manages to knock the gun from his hand and puts him aside. Bennett tries to get one of Alice's shotguns but is stopped by K-Mart, who knocks him out - rendering him unconscious as the heroes proceed to defeat Wesker.

Afterwards, the group locks him in the room with Wesker, who regenerates and kills him (presumably eating him in the process). Before his death, Bennett showed signs of early infection such as pale skin, dark veins, and whitening eyes. Alice remarks to him "You don't look so good" to which he replies "I'm looking forward to playing with your pretty face".