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No! These Templars are different. I wish you could see that. But if you continue on your present course, you'll find you're the only one walking it! With the gallows at its end.
~ Benjamin Hornigold's last words
Benjamin Hornigold is a major character turned antagonist in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. He was a pirate and a good friend of Edward Kenway He was also a member of the Templar Order. Hornigold betrayed his pirate allies along with John Cockram and Josiah Burgess, joining the Templars and hunting pirates. He is the main antagonist of Sequence 9 and Sequence 10.


During the Golden Age of Piracy, Hornigold helped establish a Pirate Republic called "the Brethren of the Coast" in Nassau. During that time, he had the same responsibilities of leadership with the pirates, Thatch, Vane, and James Kidd. When Kenway made his way to Nassau in 1715, Hornigold taught him how to successfully plunder ships, upgrade the Jackdaw, and lower his notoriety. Hornigold also tried to persuade Edward to give up on his estranged wife, Caroline Scott, and settle in Nassau.

In July 1716, Hornigold was deposed as the captain of his ship and the Assassin Samuel Bellamy took his position. The pirate Alonzo Batilla arrived to take Hornigold away, dropping him in an island free of pirates. There, Hornigold told Batilla about Nassau, and insisted that he visit the place.

Over the next three years, word reached Nassau that a pardon was being offered by Governor Woodes Rogers to any pirate who would accept it. Hornigold kept the pardon in mind as Nassau was ravaged by disease without an available cure. [2]

While Thatch wished to steal medicine from British warships, Hornigold suggested that they temporarily halt their pirating activities until the British no longer deemed them a threat. This resulted in an argument between the two until Kenway proposed a third solution: search for medicines in old wrecks without attracting British attention. 

While Hornigold and Thatch were both initially satisfied with this approach, it was soon revealed that medicines found in the shipwrecks were in unusable condition. Frustrated by their lack of success, Thatch used the Queen Anne's Revenge to assault a British Man O' War, which left Hornigold's ship damaged. While his crew were repairing the ship, Hornigold met with Kenway and informed him of Thatch's decision. Before Kenway sailed off to look for Thatch, Hornigold told him to leave Thatch be, saying the man should take responsibility for his actions.

Although Edward and Thatch were eventually able to recover medicines for the colony, the British arrived months later and blockaded Nassau. After meeting with Woodes Rogers and Commodore Peter Chamberlaineto discuss the King's pardon, Hornigold, Josiah Burgess and John Cockram accepted the offer and becamepirate hunters for the British, tasked with bringing their former allies to justice.

As a newly appointed pirate hunter, Hornigold became more notorious than he had ever been before, capturing several pirates who refused to take the pardon. Under Roger's command, Hornigold grew to respect his superior, and soon became a member of the Templar Order along with Burgess and Cockram.

In 1719, Hornigold and Rogers met in Kingston. Hornigold questioned the purpose of collecting blood samples and Roger's tactics when dealing with pirates in Madagascar. Upon hearing that the blood would be used for the purposes of spying, Hornigold expressed some concern, as he had given a sample of his blood as well. However, Rogers assured Hornigold that his sample would not be used in this manner; rather, it would act as a display of trust.

They later met with the Templar Grand Master Laureano de Torres y Ayala, telling him that Burgess and Cockram were close to locating the Sage Bartholomew Roberts in Príncipe. In the midst of their conversation, Hornigold spotted the Jackdaw anchored in the harbor, and realized that Edward was spying on them.

Forced out of hiding, Edward admonished Hornigold for his betrayal. Hornigold defended himself by claiming that the Templars' actions were just, and that Edward could never understand their cause. He then made his escape with the other Templars, leaving Kenway to deal with his men.

Hornigold later followed Edward and Roberts to the Yucatán Peninsula, but was detected by the pirates and sailed into a rocky, fog-covered formation known as "the Devil's Backbone". Kenway'sJackdaw managed to avoid British ships looking for him and traded blows with the Benjamin.

Lost in the fog, the Benjamin ran aground on the deserted island of Santanillas. Hornigold climbed to the top of an abandoned Mayan temple on the island, creating a makeshift perimeter with his soldiers, but Kenway was able to scale the building and air assassinate his former friend. 

Collapsing, Hornigold berated Edward for how far he had fallen, disregarding the man's retort that Hornigold was no better than he was. With his dying words, Hornigold expressed regret that Kenway was too enamored with glory and bloodshed to see the wisdom of the Templars, and told Kenway that he would die alone and disgraced if he kept his present course.

Later, after the Order collapsed and Kenway redeemed himself in the Assassin Order, he had a vision of Hornigold, Thatch, Vane, Calico Jack and his other deceased friends sitting on a table and looking at him, smiling.