Judas sold only one man. Arnold sold three million.
~ Benjamin Franklin

Arnold, when possessed and corrupted by the power of the coin.

Benedict Arnold is a flashback villain in the second season of the TV series Sleepy Hollow. Much like Banastre Tarleton, he is based on a real person in American history. In real history, he is a traitor during American Revolutionary War.


Arnold used to be a general loyal to George Washington, however he later changed... by demonic powers. During an ambush against fake coins production by British, Arnold alongside Ichabod Crane arrives in a British coin factory. Arnold opens a case which contains 30 accursed Tyrian shekels from Rome. He picked up one of them and then possessed by the coin's old curse. He used to be a loyal general towards Washinton, yet the coin corrupted him and turned him into a traitor. Later, he was captured for treason but later escaped.

After Benedict Arnold's escape from capture, he fought for the British Empire for a year. He and Crane encountered each other once on the battlefield and Arnold let Crane live and left with British soldiers. Crane knew Arnold regretted giving in to his darkness. They never met since then.


  • Arnold is portrayed by Scott Poythress.
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