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Ben Yusuf

Ben Yusuf leering at Jimena

"I will conquer the rest of the peninsula, and all of those petty Arab and Christian kings will kneel before me!"

Ben Yusuf is the main villain of the Spanish animated movie El Cid: The Legend.

El Cid: The Legend

Ben Yusuf is the powerful Moorish king who seizes power over his country and terrorizes both Christians and Arabs. Spreading fear among his nation, he plots to overthrow the neighboring kings to expand his kingdom. Ben Yusuf also kidnaps Rodrigo's love interest, Jimena, and forces her to be his slave. Fortunately, Rodrigo and Jimena defeat him and the kingdom is saved.


  • Ben Yusuf is similar to Jafar in the first movie of Disney's Aladdin franchise: Both characters kidnaps to protagonist's love interest and forces her to be his slave.

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