I want the entire manuscript, or she's gonna' suffer BAD.
~ Mott to Alan

Ben Mott was an employee at the Cauldron Lake Lodge hired by Emil Hartman to do his dirty work, where he was used as the false kidnapper of Alice in order to make Alan give him the manuscript.

Alan Wake (Season 1)

Mott is first seen on the ferry ride in Episode 1 in the back of the ferry. He keeps to himself and doesn't say much.

Later on, when Alan Wake is at the police station in Episode 2, he calls Alan. Mott tells him he is the kidnapper. Even though he does not have Alice, Mott uses recordings from an audio tape and splices them together to make it sound like Alice is on the other end. Mott gives Alan instructions to meet him at the Lover's Peak lookout for the ransom. On the mountain, Mott and Wake fight against a large number of Taken together. Alan uses flares and a flashlight to weaken them, while Mott guns them down. Eventually, they clear out the Taken and talk.

Mott tells Alan that if he wants to see Alice, then he must give him the full manuscript of Departure in two days or else he will kill Alice. Wake, furious, punches Mott in the face and they both fall from a cliff. Mott manages to escape from Wake.

Eventually, Wake, however, cannot finish the manuscript. He decides to go to the meeting area and torture Mott into giving him Alice back. But things go awry when Mott calls Wake and tells him that there is a new meeting spot, at Mirror's Peak lookout. Wake, furious, fights his way up the mountain. But when he gets to the top, he hears Mott screaming pathetically. Mott is admitting to someone that he never had Alice. He and Hartman just wanted the manuscript.

Wake finds Mott on the lookout. Mott is bleeding and is on his knees, whimpering and breathing heavily. Suddenly, the Dark Presence asserts itself and starts a large tornado. The tornado pulls Mott into the air and tears him in two, killing him.