Ben Dover is a villain of the 1989 sequel, Fletch Lives.

He was played by Randall "Tex" Cobb.
Ben dover

Fletch meets Dover when he's in Louisana and thrown in jail by the cops for pissing them off and being a suspect in Amanda Ray Ross's murder. Dover orders Fletch to take his pants off and is about to rape Fletch but Fletch is saved by Dover's attorney and boss, Hamilton Johnson, who gets both Dover and Fletch out of prison. Later he lets Fletch know that the charges against have been dropped and warns him about giving his land and property to Farnsworth. Dover works at the morgue, when Fletch and Calculus investigate Amanda Ray Ross's murder.

Dover informs Johnson, who orders Dover to burn Fletche's mansion down to the ground and then try and kill Fletch during the racoon hunt. Dover later tries to kill Fletch and Culpepper during a motorcycle race but fails. Later Dover captures Culpepper and takes her to Johnson's mansion and Johnson then orders Dover to kill both her and Fletch. But he fails once again, and he and Johnson chase them into Farnsworth's Bibleland. Dover follows Fletch and Culpepper into and through a ride, which results with Dover getting stuck and trapped in the ride and it's assumed Dover gets arrested.