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An alternate reality version of Ben 10 from Dimension 23 whom Ben meets while travelling universes.


In this reality, Ben is an egotistical glory hound who uses his powers for fame and fortune (like the original Ben, but more extreme). While he does not display any villanous traits at first glance (other than arrogance), what truly makes him infamous is his bigotry towards aliens, other than his own, whom he sees as all evil "offworld haters." He even came close to crossing the Moral Event Horizon when he almost murdered Azimuth, who came to get back his Omnitrix, by ripping him in half like a wishbone, simply because he saw the Galvan as another evil alien, hadn't Ben stopped him. It was later explained that the reason that Ben 23 was who he was was because Grandpa Max, his mentor, was dead and never taught Ben any moral value. After which, Ben 23 promised to change his ways


With the Omnitrix, Ben can change into any alien form he has. Unfortunatetly, he does have the same training and experience as Ben 10 does and isn't very good with naming (See the villain box: aliases).

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