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Don't worry, he's going to come back. I didn't hurt his brains.
~ Ben to Andrea after he slaughtered Billy.
If this kind of thing happened in the real world -- before all this madness -- he'd get what -- twenty years of therapy? He'd be sent off so some kind of home for the rest of his life and even then they'd probably never fix him. That's not an option here. None of us are therapists... None of us can help this boy. He's simply a burden -- a liability. There isn't much else that can be done with him.
~ Abraham about Ben's sanity and the option about killing him.

Ben is a character first encountered in Issue 2 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and is Allen and Donna's son and the twin brother of Billy. He is unofficially adopted by Dale and Andrea after his father's death.


Atlanta, Georgia

When Ben's parents, Allen and Donna, heard that a safe-zone is being established in Atlanta city, the family traveled for Atlanta. However they arrived late and found that the city had become overrun with walkers. They soon bumped into Dale and the Atlanta Survivor Camp, where they began to live in hope that the military would soon rescue them.


Ben has a hard time coming to terms with the new zombie-infested world. Although affected by the death of his mother Donna, Ben appeared, on the surface, to be wholly disinterested. Once the survivors settled down in The Prison, Ben and Billy lost their father, Allen, to a lurker attack during the early exploration of the prison facilities. They are subsequently adopted by Dale and Andrea. Seemingly unsurprised and unaffected by the death of their father, the twins thereafter refer to Dale and Andrea as their parents, rarely referencing their biological parents again.

After Rick, Glenn, and Michonne returned from Woodbury, the group was on high alert for The Governor's eventual retaliation. Dale and Andrea came to an agreement to abandon the prison should it ever become compromised. Initially failing to convince most of the remaining survivors to abandon their new home, after The Governor's first attack on the compound they are able to convince Glenn and Maggie, with Sophia in tow, to escape with them and the twins.

On the Road

Over time, Ben begins to display the early warning signs of a psychopath. He is often seen in the background playing with the other children, but when examined closely it becomes apparent that he is teasing or rough-housing with them. At one point, Billy discovers Ben poking the carcass of a cat. It is implied by Dale's dialogue that he had likely tortured and killed it. He forces Billy to remain silent about the incident.


  • Killed By Carl Grimes

On the road to Washington, D.C., Ben brutally slaughters Billy, convinced that no matter what happens, people will always come back after they die. After locking him away, the group debates on killing Ben to protect themselves, but takes no immediate action. In the night, Carl sneaks into the van where Ben is locked up, and executes him. He is buried alongside his brother.



  • He is the only comic character to have multiple TV Series counterparts; Ben (TV Series) shares his name and the names of his parents, but Lizzie Samuels more closely matches his personality and story arc.

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