Bell MagiKano manga

Bell Mark Atsume

Bell Mark Atsume(ベル・マーク・集め Beru Māku Atsume?) is a character from the spin off series of The World God Only Knows called "Magical Star Kanon 100%". She acts as one of the antagonists of the series.


Bell Mark Atsume, a former idol on TV the broadcast of the award event for "NNS Best New Artist" and she is villainesses of Magical☆Star Kanon 100% (a the spinoff of "The World God Only Knows series"). The previous in IDOL BOMB!!, Bell was jealous by Kanon is the winner of the NNS Best New Artist. She was turned to a child by a runaway spirit as well but decided to partner with her spirit to conquer the world.


Because of the influence of the runaway spirit, Bell usually looked around the age of 7 to 10. She has long hair and had the left side of her hair to be tied up using a ribbon to a side tail with a small curl at the end.

When she transformed to her original form, Bell is noticeably taller, her side tail is also thinner and her attire also changes to a long top with a crisscross ribbon that separates her left and right sides. The ribbons extend to her arms and she will also have long sleeves with finger-less gloves. Her stockings and her sleeves have the same diamond-shaped design and she wears heel boots. She wears short pants with a horned skull belt buckle in this form as well.

Lastly, Bell have a swimsuit that is based on her transformed clothing and along with Kanon, she too, have a necklace and a transformation staff.


Bell was shown to be rather boisterous and prideful, as she sees people around her as inferior beings and that she and the devils as the superior ones. She is also selfish and ambitious, as she sang songs only for herself and her ultimate goal for world domination.

She also has hints of impatience and anger issues since she gets rather angry when her pet owl mentions some things she didn't like and she also gets fearful when Kanon seems to be unbeatable.


Under the influence of the runaway spirit, Bell was able to use its powers to at least block out the sun from the people of Maijima and like Kanon, she too, is able to attack by singing her songs.


Sometime before, Bell was also an idol but soon, left the idol world for unknown reasons. Later, when she was approached by a runaway spirit, Bell and the spirit decided to take over the world.


  • The belt buckle of Bell's pants resembles the special sensor s Vintage agents use.