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Belial is a monstrous mutant that acts as the main antagonist of the comedy-horror trilogy "Basket Case". A violent and odious misshapen freak of nature who is often hidden inside a wicker basket.

Belial was once the conjoined twin of Duane but was surgically removed: ever since then the two brothers became psychotic and determined to reattach one another so as to be "whole" again.

Basket Case

Duane Bradley arrives in New York City with a locked basket. After he gets a room at a cheap hotel, the contents of the basket are finally revealed: in it lives his deformed Siamese twin brother, Belial. Although conjoined at birth, the twins are surgically separated at an early age against their will, and Belial deeply resents being cut off from his normal-looking brother. As the twins seek revenge against the doctors responsible for their separation, Duane befriends a nurse, Susan. Jealous, Belial attacks and kills her, frustrated with his inability to rape her. Enraged at his brother for his actions, Duane attempts to kill Belial, which results in the two brothers falling from a hotel window.

Basket Case 2

Basket Case 3 The Progeny