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Pell is one of the members of the Selfish Trio and the oldest in the group. He first appears in Episode 3.


Pell has a gray beard and moustache, with his hair combed backwards. He wears glasses and a black coat with green lining. His eye color is olive, the same as Ira's and Marmo's.


During episode 3, Ira and Marmo were visited by their comrade, Pell, who was ordered from the "Higher-Ups" to help them. He shows up in another episode where he kidnaps Ai to force Cure Heart to fight him alone and almost succeeds in beating her except the other cures figured out the plot.


  • In episode 7, he seems to teleport people from Earth to another magical land, without using a teleporting mirror since Pell transported the Cures into Former Trump Kingdom in episode 6.
  • In episode 11, he also can turn himself into a Jikochuu, even though by using other people's hearts.


  • Kazuhiro Yamaji, the voice actor is also a drama actor. Ironically, he was the professor character, Kei Karasuma in Kamen Rider Blade which also features card suit theme.
  • He is named after Belphegor, the demon who represents "sloth".
  • He is the first member who wearing sunglasses.
  • He is seen eating a lollipop.
  • He is the first villain who secretly kill the other member for his true intention.