Beirada is a minor villain from Tropa de Elite 2 (Elite Squad 2), appearing in the flashback scene that serves as the plot device for the movie. He was portrayed by Brazilian singer Seu Jorge.

Beirada was a boss drugs dealer imprisoned in the maximum security prison “Bangu 1”, in the Rio de Janeiro. He commanded a criminal organization known as “Comando Vermelho” (Red Command, one of the biggest criminal organizations in Rio), and even inside the prison was able to control the drugs dealing business through his underlings. He starts a riot, with the connivance of some wardens, killing the boss from a rival faction who was also imprisoned and setting his body on fire, then taking hostage the members of the rival faction. Nascimento, who was promoted Colonel in the time between the two movies, is ordered to enter the prison with the BOPE squad, and control the riot. The Governor of Rio de Janeiro, wanting to avoid an onslaught, order Professor Diogo Fraga, an Human Rights activist who had a feud with Nascimento, to enter the prison and negotiate with the criminals. Fraga enters the place, with Nascimento's disapproval, and negotiates with Beirada, who agrees on releasing the hostages. However, Mathias, who was positioned with some troops near the jail, disobeys Nascimento's orders and enter the place, prompting Beirada to take Fraga hostage. Fraga convinces Beirada to release him, but as he lowers his gun Mathias shoots him in his head, killing him.