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he Beggar Man was an Indian mystic of the beggar class who became a serial-killer , apparently due to an American company causing a poisonous gas leak that killed 115 people, including his own son. As such he was the central antagonist of the X-Files episode, Badlaa (which means "revenge" in Indian) .

He is considered one of the show's many "Monster of the Week" villains and one of the more striking examples due to the body-horror elements of his mysticism as well as his emotionless stance and willingness to kill any that got in his path.


After Hugh Potocki left India in 2001, the Beggar Man acted as if he was poor and eventually acquired money from Potocki. The Beggar Man later killed Potocki and hid in the victim's stomach, bringing Potocki's body back to town while managing to make it seem as if the body was still alive. After the Beggar Man left Potocki's body, the body was found in its actual deceased state.

The Beggar Man eventually took up a residency inside another man and began to work for a primary school. He eventually developed an interest in a bully boy and another new kid at the school. At night, the Beggar Man arrived at the house of one of the boys and killed his father. The Beggar Man then moved out again.

After another body was found, Scully was the medical examiner and saw the Beggar Man leaving the stomach of the victim and went into hide. He eventually followed the bully and was able to escape, only to be presented with the opportunity to kill the bully's mother by transforming into the bully himself.

Finally, the two boys worked together to stop the Beggar Man, who returned to the school at night. The Beggar Man was eventually beginning to follow the boys. He trapped one of the boys in a classroom and transformed into the bully, after Scully and the school director arrived. However, the boy told Scully to shoot the bully, who was actually the Beggar Man. He began to approach Scully, who ordered him to surrender but he did not desist, forcing Scully to shoot him three times. Moments later, Doggett arrived and saw his dead body, lying on the floor.

The Beggar Man, barely alive, somehow returned to India and watched another rich man begin to leave the country.