Beezara is an insect amazon who is an elite on her own right and the fifth Insectoid to challenge the Megaforce Rangers.


She is summoned by Malkor to join Warstar. She is a member of royalty, much like Vrak. Beezara is wasp-themed, despite her name being bee-themed. She comes to Earth and makes the male population her servants and make the women population clash with each other. She does this by using a special royal jelly venom she creates from her hand and tendrils. She succeeds in making Emma and Gia hating each other, while making Troy, Noah and Jake her servants. After her spell was broken by the bond of friendship tying the female Rangers, Emma and Gia destroyed her with their Ultimate Dino Blast Attack. She enlarges, thanks to the Zombats, only to be destroyed again by the Sky Gosei Great Megazord.