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In a few moments, I'll free you from your pain permanently!
~ Beetlemon's shadow

Beetlemon's shadow is a minor villain in Digimon Frontier.


Beetlemon's shadow resembles an evil clone of Beetlemon, and a dark shadowy side. He even uses the same attacks as Beetlemon and MetalKabuterimon when he's MetalKabuterimon's shadow.

Digimon Frontier

After Volcamon was defeated by Beetlemon, Beetlemon's shadow first appeared as a haunting shadow that haunts J.P.'s mind about his friends not caring for him anymore. Suddenly, a colliseum rose from the ground and Beetlemon's shadow reveals himself. Then he created multiple clones of J.P.'s friends, hurling insults at him . Beetlemon attacks his shadow, but was invulnerable against his attacks, and warned Beetlemon that he will destroy himself if he destroyed the shadow. When his shadow defeated Beetlemon, he reverted back to a badly injured J.P., he was about to give up hope as the clones continue to insult him. But just then, Takuya and the others arrived and called to J.P. Then J.P. Spirit-evolved to MetalKabuterimon and his shadow did the same, and MetalKabuterimon blasted away his evil shadow clone with his Electron Cannon attack for good, and J.P. was reunited with his friends, only for the reunion to be cut short by some hands pushing J.P. and his friends into different dimensions, seperated from each other once again.



As Beetlemon's shadow

  • Thunder Fist
  • Lightning Blitz

As MetalKabuterimon's shadow

  • Bolo Thunder
  • Electron Cannon

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