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Beetle Master
You are an inferior creature. Your resistance will end!
~ Beetle Master

Beetle Master is one of the main villains from King of the Monsters 2: The Next Thing. Initially appearing as a giant hovering brain inside a sphere, Beetle Master announces Famardy's invasion and orders all Earthlings to surrender. The three monsters that had survived the previous year's battles decided to defend Earth, so Beetle Master sends other monsters to stop them before confronting them himself in the Iraq desert.

When you reach the boss arena, the brain will attack itself to a large scorpion-like body with arms and a mouth on it's torso. Beetle Master attacks with chops in close proximity and by stinging the player with it's tail when grappling. He can also shoot it's brain like a projectile and bury himself to drag the player into the sand. When on critical health, he will create a clone of himself.

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