Beetle Drones

Beetle Drones are the second and current robotic soldiers utilized by Aku in Samurai Jack.


After Aku created the X-Models, he considered them useless as all but one got killed. As a result, Aku and his scientists created the Beetle Drones. When Jack arrived at the future, he attacked Aku's army of Beetle Drones at a mining outpost. During Jack's journey back into time, Aku kept sending his robots to destroy Jack. They have been upgraded to fly.

50 Years Later

The Beetle Drones have been redesigned with red eyes.


  • The Beetle Drones resembled the Drej and the Yanme'e from Titan AE and Halo, respectively.
  • The Beetle Drones were first made in a 2000 early animation test for Cartoon Network.
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