BeetleBrow - guardian of an ancient race

BeetleBrow was a villain that appeared in the cartoon series "Mighty Max".

This large robotic beetle was the guardian of an entire race of alien beetles which had crash-landed on our planet millions of years ago. Blending in among our own insects until a rescue craft could arrive, the beetles were later summoned by BeetleBrow and herded into the rescue ship, attacking any human that got in their way. After a few confrontations Max and the crew came to a terrifying conclusion - BeetleBrow didn't see humans as intelligent life and regarded them as "insects" (a case of cosmic irony) and planned on erasing the "infestation". However things would change when Max successfully communicated with BeetleBrow with the aid of a single beetle that was seemingly benevolent towards humanity and when BeetleBrow finally realised humans were in fact an intelligent species it deactivated the doomsday device it had planned to use on Earth before vanishing into space with the rest of its kind.