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The Beelzebubs are demon spirits inhabiting the bodies of insects and enemies in Devil May Cry. Their hideousness with the warped bodies of bugs they possessed is never too difficult to imagine from their appearance and movements. Beelzebubs live mostly within the sewers of the castle on Mallet Island and are similar to Marionettes in both level and strength. They attack in numbers as well, usually swarming in the air around their victims.


There exists two kinds of Beelzebubs:

Blue BeelzebubsEdit

These are Beelzebubs with the form of a gigantic fly. Very agile and hideous, they tend to attack after flying around for a while. What appear to be maggots that the blue Beelzebub vomits are not real maggots. They are a form of evil power that will prevent your gun from firing until they fall off. If you are hit by these, switch to your sword to finish them off.

Green BeelzebubsEdit

These are Beelzebubs with the form of a gigantic mantis. They attack only after reaching their prey, but as their speed is relatively low, attacks from Green Beelzebubs are quite easy to evade. Normally they are slow and grotesque, but when attacking, become very quick. The large green Beelzebubs serve like an evil power bank for the blue airborne Beelzebubs. They seem to be stronger since they have larger physical mass. The green Beelzebubs eat the dead, absorb their evil powers, and become even more agile and dangerous.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Face the Beelzebub whenever you can. Turning your back will provoke it to attack you with their claws. Like the Blade, it is most vulnerable when on its back. Hit it hard with an aerial attack to knock it down and attack the soft belly. Be careful, though, of the dangerous poison it can spit.


  • The name of Beelzebub was inspired by the Hebrew demon Beelzebub, which means "Lord of the Flies". He is established as the Lord of the Flies and a high-ranking demon, and his flies carry souls down to the Abyss. Beelzebub is also believed to be a bastardized version of the Canaanite god Baal or an alternate form of Satan.