is the second youngest of The Seven Sisters of Purgatory and a villainess from Umineko no Naku Koro ni. She represents the demon Beelzebub and the corresponding sin of Gluttony.


Beelzebub is known for being a big and picky eater, making her the gourmet of the seven Stakes. She is willing to use any ingredients to make a meal, even her own body. Her personality is similar to Mammon's, and the two often fight over the same thing. She always talks about food, making her a calming influence on the other sisters, but also happens to have a habit of kidnapping pretty boys and placing them in a food cellar.


Beelzebub has brassy blond hair and two drill-like pigtails, fair skin and the same red eyes as her sisters. Just like her sisters, she also wears the same outfit as them. Her "skirt" bears the same one-winged eagle symbol as her sisters' own "skirts."


  • Furniture of Beatrice
  • Current furniture of Battler Ushiromiya
  • Sister of the other six sisters of Purgatory
  • Servant of Ange Ushiromiya