The "Beefeaters" are antagonists in Disney's Wander Over Yonder series. They were formerly the personal guards and servants of Queen Entozoa, but after her "demise", they became the minions of Sourdough the Evil Sandwich who was in fact a being who had been possessing Entozoa for the last 1,000 years, thus making it the Beefeaters' official boss.


They are imposing, muscular humanoids with crystal or metal balls that act as both heads and eyes (similar to the Watchdogs), and also wear Baroque-style uniforms and powdered wigs.


They are a capable army of efficient soldiers with great strength and combat capabilities. In combat they either fight with their strong fists or scepters that can shoot out lasers. They are also skilled pilots and can operate Sourdough's space fleet.

They are also very skilled waiters and servants capable of preparing fancy meals, maintaining a tidy palace and they show decent skill with musical instruments.


Formerly, they made sure that the queen was happy with the outcome of her party (which was actually a trap to find a new host for the creature possessing her) and, if necessary, get rid of the desperate guests the queen hates like Kragthar. After their queen was revealed to be the host for an evil spirit which then got stuck in the form of a sandwich, they did not seem to care and would continue to obey their new sandwich overlord.

Later, In "The Axe", they helped Sourdough the Evil Sandwich take over Lord Hater's planet and eventually faced off with him in their armada. In the end though, they and their leader were defeated thanks to a strategic counterattack by Commander Peepers.

More later, in "The Battle Royale", the Beefeaters battled it out against the minions of the other villains in the galaxy and their struggle eventually turned into an epic war. Some of the Beefeaters later helped Sourdough confront Wander, however Wander was able to distract them by throwing Sourdough into a pile of sandwiches and the Beefeaters then frantically searched for their leader as it called them idiots.