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Tank tank tank! conceptart sIxmh
The Bee-bots are enemies in the video game, Tank! Tank! Tank!. They resemble giant robotics bees. The leader of the Bee-bots is red.


The Bee-bots can shoot multiple stingers from their rears and can pin tanks to the ground.

Role in the video game

The Bee-bots first appeared in the level, "Arrow From The Heavens", where they attacked an industrial conflex. There were 55 Bee-bots to be eliminated. After all the Bee-bots were destroyed, the industrial conflex was saved.

The Bee-bots reappeared along with the Red Dragon in the level "True Power". They attacked the industrial conflex once again as well as getting revenge on the tanks. The Bee-bots were once again destroyed for good.

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