Becca Abrams 1997

Becca in 1997

Becca Abrams 2007

Becca in 2007

Becca Abrams was a senior at Birmingham High School in 1997. Becca was captain of the cheerleading squad, pretty, and popular, but had a cruel and manipulative streak. The cheerleading squad was described as a "shark tank" and Becca was the "Great White". When one of the junior cheerleaders, Rainey Karlsen, finally stood up to her, Becca retaliated violently and was partially responsible for Rainey's death.


On September 1, 1997, Becca noticing that Becca's football player boyfriend Casey Evans, Becca quickly gave the open spots to Rainey and her best friend Celeste Church. Despite Casey's obvious interest, Becca also discouraged Rainey from speaking up in Coach Pruit's physics class. When Joe Vives-Alvarez, another student in the class, called Rainey "pathetic" for conforming to what Becca said, Becca simply called him a "freak" and ignored him.

Becca got to relive some of her glory days when she organized her high school's ten year reunion. It was around this time that detectives took a second look at Rainey's death, believing someone may have killed her. Detectives Lilly Rush and Will Jeffries questioned Becca at the school. Becca scoffed at the suggestion that she saw Rainey as a rival and instead told them of Rainey and Joe's initial tension in class to deflect away from herself. Lilly, who took and instant dislike to Becca, was skeptical until Becca told her of a rumor that Joe was expelled a few months after Rainey's death for making Liquid X in the school chem lab.