Beauty Smith is the main antagonist of Jack London's White Fang. He is a brutal dogfighter who buys up White Fang to fight dogs.


His hideousness could be considered a hint to his nature: a hideous, distorted thing, hardly resembling a human in everything but basic shape. His head slants down to his neck uncompromisingly to meet a low and remarkably wide forhead. His large eyes are muddy and yellow and his face is prodigious. He has an enormous prognathous jaw that rests on his shoulder. His appearance is possibly due to the weariness of his slender neck, unable to support properly. His teeth are large and yellow, while his two eye-teeth showed under his lean lips like fangs. His hair is sparse and irregular of growth, muddy-dirty and yellow-dirty, rising on his head and sprouting out of his face in unexpected tuffs and bunches, in appearance like clumped and wind-blown grain.


When White Fang is five years old, he is taken to Fort Yukon so that Grey Beaver can trade with the gold-hunters. There, when Grey Beaver is drunk, White Fang is bought by Smith.

White Fang defeats all opponents pitted against him, including several wolves and a lynx, until a bulldog called Cherokee is brought in to fight him. Cherokee has the upper hand in the fight when he grips the skin and fur of White Fang's neck and begins to throttle him.

White Fang nearly suffocates but is rescued when a rich, young gold hunter, Weedon Scott, stops the fight and forcefully buys White Fang from Beauty Smith. He tries to steal White Fang back after Scott forcefully buys him, but White Fang brutally attacks him.

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