Next time, maybe you should make it a tricycle, so you don't hurt yourself.
~ Beauty
Ouch, that hurts, Beauty! But that's okay... That's what I love about you.
~ Dandy

Beauty and Dandy are a pair of villains from the video game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. They are appearently a criminal couple, working for Commander Sith.


After Tengo failed, Beauty and Dandy kidnapped Kamila to blackmail the justice minister, as they thought she was his daughter.

In the end, they tried to blast open a safe above the dinner room of the "Chicken Kitchen", but used too much dynamite and were presumably killed in the explosion.

Basic Information


As the name implies, Dandy dresses very dandyish and foppish: He wears a black suite with a hat and a coursage. Beauty wears a black dress and has a wierd blonde haircut.


Despite, or rather because of the fact she always abuses him, Dandy seems to be totally in love with Beauty. They are both described as completely black-hearted.

Powers and Abilities

Dandy seems to be skilled wioth dynamite, however he clearly has problmes with it's amount. Beauty is in possession of a whip and furthermore has psychic abilities, being able to percieve and trace ghosts to know of their presence.