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What is this cosmic crustacean invasion?!
~ Beastlybeard, almost getting defeated by SamSam.

Beastlybeard (Barbaféroce in French) is a pirate captain and a leader of the Space Pirates and one of the main antagonists in the French animated series SamSam. His name is a parody of the famous pirate Blackbeard. His alien specie is Piratrocity.

Episode Appearances

Marth Fool

Marthy sends Beastlybeard to kidnap SamSam. After getting warned by SuperJulie and SweetPea about the infamous Marthian jokes, SamSam goes into Planet Marth and tells Beastlybeard to tell about where the infamous prank came from. SamSam defeated him with the taste of his own medicine.

Star Box

Beastlybeard used an un-repaired Star Box (which is used to destroy all planets if not repaired correctly). He tries to do so, but he dimmed all the lights in Marthy's throne.

Draw Me a Treasure

Beastlybeard gets a treasure detector from a delivery alien and captures SamSam. When using the detector, Beastlybeard gets angry at it for not giving the pirate the item he wants. He gets defeated when SamSam guards his treasure and is later humiliated when it asks him to look for SamSam, since the hero has escaped.

Heroes' Door

He is seen as an illusion hologram being considered one of the worst aliens ever known during class time.

SamSam Loses His Head

After SamSam gets his memory back, he, SweetPea and Julie were able to defeat him.