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Beast Titan

Beast/Ape Titan

Beastly Titan
, (a.k.a. Ape Titan), is a major antagonist in Attack on Titan.

Appearance and Abilities

The Ape Titan is 17m in stature, larger than the common 15m Titan. While all other Titans seen in the story thus far have been distinctly human in appearance, the Ape Titan possesses more animal-like features. It has apelike features, and most of its body except for the face and torso is covered in fur.

The Ape Titan possesses numerous abnormal traits. Most notable are its high intelligence and its ability to speak human language. Possibly as a consequence of this, it is capable of controlling other Titans through a combination of verbal orders and physical intimidation. Additionally, the Ape Titan possesses the strength to throw heavy projectiles great distances with excellent accuracy and the dexterity to scale the Wall Maria.

The Beast Titan is a Titan Shifter. In his human form he is well toned, has wavy blonde hair along with a beard and mustache. He also wears glasses.


  • The Beast Titan's appearance resembles several ape-like cryptids, such as the Sasquatch/Bigfoot, Yeti, and Yowie.
  • The Beast Titan is the first Titan fully capable of advanced communication, speaking the human language effortlessly. It also shows greater dexterity and fine-motor control, allowing it to remove Mike Zacharius's gear without damaging it.
  • It appears to have had limited or no contact with humanity for at least half a century, as it expresses interest in humanity's Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear. It also wonders whether or not it speaks the same language as Mike, though it's unknown whether this was genuine or simply mocking his terrified state.

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