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Though Beast Boy is normally portrayed as being a heroic and good-natured individual (including in the original Teen Titans show), in the 2013 cartoon Teen Titans Go! his personality has been noticably altered, with him often being depicted as a lazy, irresponsible, insensitive, and/or an obnoxious individual who has a surprisingly large number of "jerk" moments, despite also retaining his good-natured status. 

List of Jerk and Evil Moments

Throughout Teen Titans Go! Beast Boy is repeatedly shown acting in a variety of unpleasent and irresponsible ways:

1. He never listens to Robin.

2. Admits to sometimes replacing himself with animals he's painted green, namely whenever he wishes to slack off, even if it is during a mission.

3. In the episode Double Trouble, he, along with Cyborg, abuses Raven's magic to make clones of himself and Cyborg simply so they can slack off without the other Titans knowing.

4. His biggest "jerk" and truly evil moment of all is the entirety of the episode, Ghost Boy, where, in his desperation to prank someone, tricks Starfire into thinking that she's killed him and in his "ghost form" torments her by making her clean all of his dirty clothes, including forcing her to outright sniff some of his dirty laundry. Later, when the other Titans try to prank him back by making him think he's a real ghost, Beast Boy catches on and makes the Titans think he's going to take advantage of his new ghostly form by jumping into a volcano. The other Titans subsequently die and turn into ghosts trying to keep him from jumping into the volcano, and after they all become ghosts Beast Boy reveals that he knew himself to still be alive the whole time and was just tricking the other Titans, mocking them upon seeing that they fell for his ruse.

5. Turned into an obnoxious gorilla and refused to change back, going out of his way to challenge Robin's authority at every turn and ultimately mutiny against him, overthrow him, and seize leadership of the Titans, eventually turning Titans Tower into a jungle and somehow causing Starfire and Raven to regress into primal mental states.

6. Along with Robin and Cyborg displays borderline misogynistic tendencies in Girl's Night Out where he and the other male Titans not only refuse to include Raven and Starfire, but also patronize the latter's desire to have a Girl's Night Out.

7. In the episode You're Fired, he (unintentionally) allowed a possibly inhabited planet to be destroyed by Plasmus. This winds up getting him fired.

8. Following the above act he attempted to get his replacement on the Wonder Twins fired, also getting her brother to aid him in these attempts.

9. In the episode Terra-ized, he willingly lets Terra into the Titans Tower and actively helps her acquire all of it's data despite Terra very obviously being a spy that is just using him. Also of note is that in the same episode Stafire outright says that Beast Boy lacks redeeming qualities. 

10. In Artful Dodgers, he goes along with Robin's plan of winning a dodgeball competition via cheating simply because he and his teammates are too lazy to practice. 

11. In Staring at The Future, Beast boy and Cyborg wreck Titans Tower with an indoor rodeo.  When the other Titans tell them to think about the future and learn responsibility, the two flee to the pizzeria and stare at a pizza slice for 30 years.  Wondering the future, Beast Boy and Cyborg see that Robin (now Nightwing) is married to Batgirl and has a family.  Starfire is now queen of Tameran and Raven is now goddess of the universe after defeating her father in a final battle.  All three mention their responsibilities so Beast Boy and Cyborg, having learned absolutely nothing from their teammates believe the three are having horrible lives and go back in time and alter the timeline despite their protests, and in doing so create a chaotic world under constant attack by robots.

12. In Pirates, Beast Boy insanely tries to kill Aqualad over the oppertunity to go out with Raven, despite Aqualad surrendering and offering a truce. Aqualad survives the tragedy, but loses his left eye, his right arm, and his left leg as a result.

13. In Sidekick, he, along with Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire, messed with Batman's stuff, AND brought it into battle despite protests from Robin.

14. In Caged Tiger, him, Robin, and Cyborg were stuck in an elevator. While Robin and Cyborg were fighting, he decided to pee all over the elevator floor since he couldn't hold it in anymore. Later on in the episode, all three of them decided to attack each other. After that short fight, the elevator was fixed and they are friends again.

15. Following the above act Him, Robin, and Cyborg unknowingly attacks Dr. Light when he decides to become a hero.


Gorilla Beast Boy antagonizes Robin


Beast Boy tries to make a move on Terra

  • "Dude your family's horrible!"-Beast Boy to Nightwing when he says that he loves his family before then throwing his family portrait to the ground and kicking it.
  • "Gorillas don't do dishes." -Beast Boy to Robin when he disobeys Robin's order.

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