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Bearstomp, also known as "Bear King" is a heavily armored bear often appearing with High Roller many times as his bodyguard. Often however he can be sleeping, with many nose bubbles appearing and he can also form/join with High Roller to allow him to control his body, when they combine highroller calls himself "High-Stomp." As seen in Firework Festival of East Citadel. Bearstomp is feared by most other animals.


He's distinguished from his many minions by being the only one armor, normally being the only brown one, and by the fact that he's slighty bigger than his minions.

His arm seems to be gone & replaced with a mechanical one that can shoot out and retract. He's also armed with a hat that shoots cannanballs.


He and his massive army are one of High Roller's most critical and major allies as they perform a multitude of tasks. They are often seen at East Citadel which is so valuable that High Roller bet their castle for Big Green in "Folk Game Competition".