Crash Bash Bearminator

Bearminator is a giant polar bear with a blue captain's hat and a submarine. He's from Crash Bash. He is the second boss of the game and takes three hits. He shoots Mechanical Bears and you must charge them off of the platform in order to defeat them. He then fires a missile, that you will pick up, and you must target him right while he moves in a first person sniper rifle targeting screen.Each time that you hit the Bearminator, he will destroy a section of the platform by lauching a bomb from his submarine. He will also launch 1 more mechanical bear each time he is hit. After three hits, he will be defeated and flop over, apparently unconscious or dead. If the player is knocked of the platform then The Bearminator will laugh at them.


  • Some fans believe that Bearminator is Polar's dad.
  • Though his appearance is exactly the same as the giant polar bears from Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Team Racing (minus the hat and lower detail), there is no evidence that he is one of them.