Bearenger, Bearenger the Bear, is one of the 3 loyal henchmen of Wendy Witchcart, and he is the boss of the RuinWood Area in the videogame Tails' Skypatrol. He is a male black anthropomorphic bear who appears to be very gruff.

He along with his 2 comrades Carrotia and Fockewulf have aiding Witchcart in claiming a random island to rule.

Bearenger rides a small flying rocket with a shark face. He is the boss of RuinWood Area, the second level (third if you count Training Area). Bearenger fights by firing energy projectiles in sets of three from his rocket. Bearenger was defeated and dragged away by Tails.



  • Bearenger's name is a pun on the word "bearer" which is quite synonymous with "messenger".
  • Bearenger's flying rocket with a shark face is similar to the Flying Tigers fighter planes used in World War II.
  • He has a attack pattern similar to Fockewulf but flies more erratically.
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