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The Beard Hunter is a minor villain from DC comics and perhaps one of the most bizarre, crazy and comical villains in the DC universe - he was an enemy of Doom Patrol (enemy being used rather liberally as he was pretty much a push-over and served mostly as comic relief).

Despite his lack of success, questionable goals and utter failure at villainy the Beard Hunter is, at least in theory, a dangerous individual and would be considered a psychopath if he were real - of course he is not and thus such comparisions are really only useful if you wish to get into a deep psychological debate.. at any rate let us begin the tale of one of DC's most obscure and honest-to-goodness *real* super-villains..



Born with a hormone deficiency that prevented him from growing a beard the young man known as Ernest Franklin grew resentful of beards and begun a one-man war against facial hair - hunting down and killing unfortunate individuals and taking their beards as trophies, he was still performing this gruesome and bizzarre behaviour when he was thirty-six and living at home with his mother - when not committing murder he seemed obsessed with body-building magazines.

Dubbing himself the Beard Hunter poor Ernest was delusional enough to believe a movie would be made about his career as the crazed villain but this, of course, never occured.


Beard Hunter has zero-powers other than some limited skill with handguns, in fact he was a poor fighter and relied heavily on his guns.

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