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The Bear is a minor antagonist in the 1991 animated Christmas film The Christmas Tree. It is a large grizzly bear that resides in the North Pole.

Role in the film

The Bear is first seen spotting Lily, Pappy and Licorice the dog arriving at the North Pole from behind a small hill of snow, and chases after them to eat them. The chase turns worse when the kids get cornered at the side of the mountain. Lily looses her balance and almost falls off. Pappy grabs her hand to save his sister. The Bear prepares to strike at the two, but Licorice fights back to defend the children. The Bear bumps into Pappy, causing him to let go Lily, making her slide down the mountain side. Licorice, wounded from the fight, attempts to flee but is outran by the Bear. Licorice stops at the side of the cliff while the Bear does not, causing the Bear to trip over Licorice and fall off the mountain cliff. It is unknown if the Bear survived the fall or not.


  • The Bear is strikingly similar to Baloo from The Jungle Book, due to its dark blue fur.
  • The Bear is spoofed by the Nostalgia Critic in his review of The Christmas Tree, referring to him as "Baloo from The Jungle Book", complaining that he isn't a polar bear (which would've made a lot more sense), and reciting a quote from Yogi Bear as the Bear fell to his presumed death.


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