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Goodbye, you knob jockeys!
~ The Bear, saying goodbye on The Bear's Showbiz Tail

The Bear is a character in Bo' Selecta!. He is a short-tempered, foul-mouthed teddy bear who has a dislike for his squirrel friend Steven.

He was portrayed by Leigh Francis.



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In Bo' Selecta!

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The Bear often flirts with women, who guest-star on the show. In an episode of Bo' Selecta!, it was revealed that he used to have a problem, which caused him to shout out bad words at anyone. He has, however, broke the habit by thinking of women to take his mind off of it. After fantasizing about women, his tail will pop out. He gets it to "go away" by saying, "Christine Hamilton.", three times, as seen in an episode, in which Christine Hamilton, herself guest starred in. However, when Christine guest-starred in an episode, the Bear had to say it in his mind.


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