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MMPR Beamcaster

A radio-themed monster created by Lord Zedd from Bulk's energy output meter and a fishing pole that belonged to Skull's dad. Beamcaster talks like a radio disc jockey. Beamcaster also has different-shaped bombs that explode after he lights the fuse and tosses them. He creates "Zedd waves" that make all unsuspecting bystanders enter a trance and recite "hail Lord Zedd," including Jason, Trini, and Zack. When the other Rangers arrive, Billy and Kimberly get surrounded by the controlled citizens, and they too get struck by Beamcaster's Zedd waves. Tommy manages to dodge Beamcaster a few times, but eventually, Beamcaster gets him under the trance as well.

Rocky, Adam, and Aisha appear and save what is left of Billy's device, which was supposed to snap people out of the trance. Aisha tries to fix it so that the Rangers can be saved. The rays that are emitted from the device work, and the Rangers are freed. After a brief skirmish, Beamcaster is defeated by the Power Blaster, the final monster to be defeated by it (in DaiRanger it was actually what's known as the Power Cannon).

Beamcaster appears as the first boss in the GameGear version of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

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