Baxter Stockman is a mad scientist found in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mirage Comics.


Mirage Comics

In the comics, Stockman was a scientist who used his inventions to achieve his selfish schemes. Appealing to the people that his mousers were to be used to exterminate rats but his real plan was to use them to rob banks and threaten the city because he viewed it as fun. His assistant April O'Neil learned about Stockman's true intentions. Stockman sent his mousers to kill her so that she couldn't jeopardize his scheme. The TMNT managed to defeat the Mousers and rescued April. The Turtles defeated the Mousers and Stockman and left him to be arrested by the police.

In the next volume, he escaped prison and implanted his brain into robot and becomes a cyborg. Stockman escapes and seeks revenge on April injecting her with nanites. Leonardo electrocutes him and is presumed to be destroyed; but Stockman's mind was revealed to be alive and taken prisoner by Donatello.

In his last appearance, Donatello blows Stockman up, after he refuses to help April, destroying him for good.