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Baxter stockman repaint cartoon

Baxter Stockman is one of the many versions of the Ninja Turtles' nemesis in the TMNT series.


Baxter Stockman (1987 Human)

Baxter Stockman before mutation

Baxter first appeared in the inital five part miniseries that lead to the show. Like in the Mirage and 2003 versions, he created the mousers to rid the city of vermin, but in this version, the company he proposed them to turned him down, believing they would be bad for business.

However, the Shredder, seeing potential for the mousers, took Baxter on his proposal, and used them in a failed attempt to destroy the Ninja Turtles. After this, Baxter was committed to an insane asylum after trying to tell the police about the Turtles' existence.

Awhile later, Shredder broke him out of the asylum, and hr was forced to work for him, suffering much abuse from the evil ninja master. Finally having enough of Baxter's stupidity, Shredder and Krang decided to kill him by throwing him into a disintegrator unit. But a small fly entered the same unit, and rather than killing him, the energy merged him with the fly, turning him into a half man-half fly creature. Blaming both the Shredder and the Turtles for this, Baxter swore revenge on all of them.


  • When it comes to personalities, he and his future egoes share the personalty with Starscream from Transformers and Snively Kintobor from SatAM Sonic the Hedgehog. Only differences are that Starscream is far more braver, destructive and even crazier compared to Baxter and Snively, as he actively and continuously tries to over throw Megatron, and does not hide his treacherous ego, Baxter is more focused and independent compared to Starscream and Snively, and Snively is smarter and cunning compared to Starscream and Baxter. Despite their differences, their certain similarity is that they try to be loyal to their evil bosses at first, be threatened by them if something goes wrong for the bosses, and even betray their bosses for their own purposes as long as they fight against the heroes as well. However, Starscream and Snively have actually worked with their enemies before for a common cause and have even joined the heroes faction for a while.

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