Baxter is a minor antagonist of Point Blanc. He is the doctor who Dr. Hugo Grief uses to create all of his clones, specially Julius Grief.

Baxter was found in London, he is a greedy surgeon who would do anything. He was very unscrupulous and considered himself above the law.

Baxter was employed by Dr. Grief to surgically manipulate his offspring to make them resemble the sons of billionaires, and have them grow up to look like them and mimic them. Baxter was working in the Hotel du Monde in Paris where he experimented on Alex Rider. Baxter was in league with Eva Stellenbosch and he was paid by Dr. Grief in a million euros, or about seven million pounds, to alter his offspring to perfection. Baxter experimented on Alex by stripping his clothes off, noting down their brands, noting their appearence, and noting every inch of Alex's body. Baxter compiled all the information on his notebook and noted that he knew as much about Alex that a doctor would know of a newborn baby. Baxter was perfectionist in his work, and he had a habit of being very pleased with himself every so often. Baxter was extremely pleased with himself so much so that, when Dr. Grief complimented him later on in the Point Blanc academy, and the greedy Baxter asked for another quarter of a million to retire to Spain, Dr. Grief shot him dead, and Baxter was still smiling when he died.