Bauker is the enemy Boss of Chapter 15 (Chapter 16 on Hector Mode), Noble Lady of Caelin in Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken. He is the Commander of the Imperial Guard of Laus.

Bauker like a few others is one of those enemies that can be classed as good people on the wrong side. If you visit a village in the chapter he appears in, a townsfolk notes that Bauker is noted for being a very gentle person, despite his ability in battle. As the Commander of Laus's Imperial Army he is obligated to protect the Marquess of Laus, Darin at all costs, even after Darin choose to endorse the evil ambitions of Nergal.

It is suspected that Bauker, like most soldiers of Laus are for the most part unaware of the circumstances involving Nergal and Marquess Laus. This would suggest Bauker and his fellow Laus soldiers are simply following orders.

Bauker does little talking in the one chapter he is in, he has the usual Boss dialogue. He will attempt to intimidate his opponents telling them something along the lines of 'It's time to die'.

In Chapter 15, in which Bauker is found in, he leads a massive army of troops in defending Castle Caelin. In the chapter before Darin Marquess of Laus, had retreated from Castle Laus after Eliwood and Hector had begun to win the battle to capture Castle Laus. In his retreat Darin took his best soldiers and headed to Caelin, while there he capture the poorly defended Castle Caelin to use it as a temporary base.

Bauker defends Castle Caelin from the onslaught on troops under Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn's command. He dies in the battle guarding the entrance of the Castle.