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S1e2a The Picnic - dinosour charge

Battle Dinosaur is a recurring character in the Disney Series Wander Over Yonder. He's Emperor Awesome's pet, and he is used by him during the battle between Awesome, Lord Hater, the Watchdogs and Fist Fighters for the battle for the Celestial Being's wish.

The dinosaur is dark green and has red eyes and black sclera, and wears a dark grey battle armor that covers his chest and some parts of his head.

The dinosaur is very effective in battle. He has a Fire Breath dragon type that used to intimidate Hater at Awesorme's command and also has Laser Eyes that used during the battle between the Watchdogs and Fist Fighters. But during Hater's rampage, when Awesome was about to get his wish, his tail was grabbed and was thrown off the planet, exploding shortly afterwards. However he appears again in Season 2.

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