Batnix is the main antagonist of the Playstation video game, Breakout. He is an evil bar who kidnapped Daisy with devil horns.



Batnix has kidnapped Daisy when Bouncer goes after the lost beach ball. He later arrests Bouncer in prison. Batnix is later seen blocking the player's path to his lair. He later guards the path to Daisy and forcing Bouncer to play the classic Breakout game on screen. Bouncer rescues her after disarming the trap. All of the rescued characters confront Batnix and knock him off the airlock, drifting him into Outer Space. Batnix dies when he has drifted to nowhere.


Part 1

Bouncer will confront Batnix by launching missiles at him. When a block is hit, a rocket is spawned. The player must hit the same square to let it turn red. When the player hits the flashing box, the rocket will aim at Batnix to deal damage. Batnix will sometimes avoid the rockets launched by the player. Batnix will also launch rockets at the player, slowing him down. The rockets are a little hard to avoid. Batnix gets faster if he is on low health. As the player defeats Batnix, the villain himself will escape into his throne room.

Part 2

Batnix will prevent the player from rescuing Daisy by activating the classic Breakout game. The player is forced to do so. Once the player has removed all the blocks, the traps will be destroyed and the player is able to rescue Daisy. Bouncer and his friends confront Batnix and knock him out off the airlock, drifting to nowhere.


  • Batnix's death is similar to Scroop's death from the movie, Treasure Planet. Both villains drift into nowhere in space.


Bouncer versus Batnix

Breakout (PS1) Walkthrough Part 9 Final Battle and The End14:04

Breakout (PS1) Walkthrough Part 9 Final Battle and The End