Batman and Spider-Plant Man

"It's time for you to die! Prepare for the epic fight that will cost exactly half the budget of the entire film!"
— Batman

Batman is the main antagonist to the British short film Spider-Plant Man (a parody to Spider-Man).

Portrayed by Jim Broadbent.

Batman was once a great superhero until he lost his popularity to Spider-Plant Man. Nobody wants his merchandise, he had to let Robin go (he was only in it for the money), and now he drives a beaten-down car he calls the "Bat-Clio". He had informed Spider-Plant Man that he had kidnapped his girl, Jane Mary. He threaten him to stop being a superhero, or she dies. Later on, they both fought on top of Tower Bridge over her freedom, until Robin unexpectedly arrived. He only help Batman when they finished negotiating his cut on the Bat-merchandise. But when Spider-Plant Man offered Robin a better deal, he helped him defeat Batman. After his defeat, Batman stole some kid's scooter and took off.

Spider-Plant Man (FULL MOVIE) (COMEDY) High Definition HD Fathers4Justice14:18

Spider-Plant Man (FULL MOVIE) (COMEDY) High Definition HD Fathers4Justice

Spider-Plant Man