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Full Name
Bathsheba Sherman, née Thayer
The Conjuring / real life
Housewife (formerly), Satanist, witch
Black magic, possession, ghostly powers
Haunting people, worshipping Satan.
Expel undesirables from her estate, possess women and sacrifice their children to the Devil.
Type of Villain

She murdered that little baby. She drove a needle into his skull and killed it.
~ Carolyn Perron
I was mistress here before you came, and mistress here I'll be anew. I'll drive you out with fiery brooms. I'll drive you mad with death and gloom.
~ Bathsheba to Carolyn Perron
If you don't leave, you'll join us, because you'll too be dead.
~ Bathsheba to Carolyn Perron

Bathsheba Sherman is a witch from the 2013 movie The Conjuring based on the true story. She killed herself in 1863 after she sacrifice her baby to the Devil, but her spirit lived on, possessing women living at her farmhouse and using them to sacrifice their children to the devil. Ed and Lorraine Warren try to stop her, and in retaliation their daughter Judy is attacked in their own home by Bathsheba with help from an evil doll, Annabelle, from one of Ed and Lorraine's previous cases. However Ed arrives in time to stop her from harming their child. Bathsheba goes on to possess Carolyn, the motheir of five daughters and wife of Roger Perron. Ed, Lorraine and Roger rush to the house where they find the possessed Carolyn trying to stab one of her daughters. After subduing Carolyn, Ed decides to perform a exorcism though Carolyn escapes and again attempts to kill her daughter Lorraine is able to temporarily distract the possessed Carolyn by reminding her of a special memory she shared with her family, allowing Ed to complete the exorcism, saving Carolyn and her family.
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