Bat-like Thing

A Bat-like Thing, also called a Bat Creature.

The Bat-like Things (also called "Bat Creatures" and spelled "Bat-like-Things") as their name implies, are bat-like supernatural creatures with bat wings as their common trait, and villains in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series.

These monsters served the Dark Entity and anyone who works for the Dark Entity.


After Jeremy began to play the Symphony of Destruction, the Bat-like-Things began to appear where Jeremy went and terrorized humans. He sent them ahead to New York City as his emissaries.

During the encounters with them, the Ghostbusters didn't have a way to deal with them, and ultimately they vanished after Jeremy turned on the Dark Entity with the Song of Life.

Powers and Abilities

These entities work on a different frequency than standard ghosts and have no ectoplasm. They can fly and are intangible, but they are able to physically smash objects.



  • They do not seem be ghosts as stated by Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz. Proton Streams go right through them.
  • Jeremy refers to them as "emissaries".