I am the ultimate little league trash-talking father! I AM THE BAT-DAD!
~ Bat-Dad

Bat-Dad (also known as Tom or Chris Nelson) is the most toughest, meanest trash-talking father of The Denver Little League Baseball team and got Randy Marsh into a fight. He was an unstoppable trash-talking parent even his wife told him to sit down. And then after that, he finally got Randy Marsh into fight and threatens to beat him for good and be the best trash-talking parent in all of Colorado but he was defeated by Randy Marsh who caused the South Park little league team to be disqualified for good. And he was voiced by Diedrich Bader who also voices Warp Darkmatter and Simian.


Bat Dad wears a purple Batman mask and cape, as well as a black loincloth and a black wristwatch. He is shown to be overweight.