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Basil (profiled as criminal 01144890CL) is a demented burglar that appears in the episode Family Business


He suffers from a strange variety of dementia that causes him to mistake people for his own relatives, such as calling Courage Nigel. When functioning under this belief, he is somewhat childish and assumptive, and demands family tradition be regularly performed. Otherwise, he is a fairly brutal thief, forcing captives to imprison their own kin and aid in his robberies. Seemingly, if his delusions are true, he hails from a family of criminals, whom he is very close to. It is possible that he suffers from split-personality disorder that makes him switch between a caring family member to a criminal. His crimes come from the "plans" he sees on fish bones. Basil appears to be Australian or a lower-class Brit (given that closed captions revealed that he had a Cockney accent).


Basil lived with his Mama Mashedpotatoes and Uncle Twinkletoes, along with his cousin Nigel. His source of entertainment came from his uncle's funny dances, and he always looked forward to his mother's special dinner, a dish of flounder. His cousin was one of his most trusted friends, and used to tell Basil that he should be a massage therapist for eels. Despite that, Basil became a thief by following the heists he read on the bones of his Mama's fish. He began committing heinous acts that separated him from his family, and caught the attention of the park rangers. During one such incident, the robbing of an old farmhouse, he confusedly mistook the residents for his family members. At an unusual dinner, "Mama Mashedpotatoes" forgot her specialty, and "Uncle Twinkletoes" refused to do his dance. This, mixed with "Nigel's" awkward behavior and the group's quarreling nature, inspired Basil to initiate a family job of stealing the heads off of Mt. Rushmore. At the scene of the crime, the park rangers finally caught up with him, so he fled into Lincoln's nose. Luckily, "Nigel" arrived to save him, and the family eluded the authorities. At this point, his "Mama" declared the end of their criminality. Basil was shocked, but it seemed as though all were in agreement. After years, he heeded his cousin's occupational advise, and got an Eel Massage Therapist license. (Ep. 16-1)